About hello preemie

Hello preemie is my baby. After 20+ years working as a NICU nurse, I wanted to create a resource for preemie parents that really gives them what they want and what they need, in a fun, inspiring, honest way.

I talk to parents all the time, and way too often I hear them say that they didn't know about the resources and coping strategies that would have helped them until too late. 

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Way too often, they feel alone and unsupported, confused and overwhelmed. 

I know full well that a blog like this can't make all the struggles of having a preemie disappear. 

But I also know that prematurity is not disapperaring, and as long as it's a reality for new parents day in and day out, I want to do whatever I can to get the knowledge out there. I'm a super passionate NICU & preemie parent advocate.

A few years ago I started another website, Every Tiny Thing, which is still up and running as the sales portion of my work. I have a passion for putting my creative spark to good use, so I design and produce a few awesome products for use in the NICU. 

And while I'm super dedicated to supporting all NICU families, not just preemie families, I also recognize that the majority of NICU patients are in fact preemies, and their families have their own sense of community and shared experience.

So when I'm not at work in the hospital (yes, I still do that too!), I'm here at my desk writing and researching everything preemie for hello preemie. I hope you love it. 

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Frequently asked questions for Trish

Did you have a preemie?

No. My kids were termies. Please don't hold it against them. I'm kinda crazy about them!

Since you still work in the hospital, is this blog a part of your hospital work?

This blog is 100% mine, with absolutely no association with my current or former employers. Please see the lawyer stuff (terms and conditions), but know that every opinion here is mine, every recommendation is mine alone, and I do not in any way represent my employers. 

Since you're a nurse, can I treat your words and your recommendations here on hello preemie as medical or nursing advice?

Another great question, and again I'll direct you to the lawyer stuff (terms and conditions), but let me be very clear:

Nothing on this site is medical or nursing advice. You absolutely must speak with your NICU and your medical providers before instituting any of the ideas you read here at Hello Preemie. By reading and using this site you understand the terms and conditions. 

How can you afford to keep hello preemie up and running?

I couldn't afford to maintain this website without a little help from affiliate marketing. Most of the links within the articles you read will take you exactly where you need to go to learn more about or buy whatever it is I'm writing about, and most of those links will then generate a very small commission to me if you should decide to buy anything. It's called affiliate marketing, and it's the way most bloggers can afford the overhead and costs associated with running a blog. 

Please know this, however - my passion as a parent advocate means I am very diligent in validating anything I recommend here on the site. I never recommend something that I don't truly believe in, just for a buck. So please know that if I'm writing about it, the reason is because I love helping you learn about cool stuff. And if your clicks help me keep Hello Preemie up and running, I thank you!