The best buys for preemies on Amazon right now

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I'm a huge fan of Amazon, but you've gotta know the only way to go is Prime. So first things first, if you haven't tried Prime I would definitely recommend it. You can even try it free for 30 days...

Now, on to my favorite items currently available:

Dr Browns preemie bottles - so many NICU moms swear by these bottles, and depending on your NICU some will allow parents to bring in their own bottles before discharge to use while baby is still learning to take bottles well. 

Some NICU preemies end up with less-than-round heads, and some parents really like using a memory foam pillow for their preemies. Please be sure never to use this when babies are sleeping - safe sleep guidelines are very clear that nothing should be in with baby!

There are some super adorable onesies out there in preemie sizes, like these Hey Little Fighter, Big Miracle Little Package, God has Big Plans for Me onesies, sweet affordable preemie 3-packs or complete outfits like this Tough Guy.

Rock-n-play - so many preemie parents love these! They keep baby's head slightly elevated, which can help with the super common preemie issue of reflux. And the babies just seem to love the very subtle rocking motion it makes whenever they squirm & move. 

A great way to keep strangers from touching your preemie is to use a carseat cover, and these stretchy multi-use ones from Snaozee are super cool - you can use them as a car seat cover and a nursing cover-up.

For those of you using formula, it can be expensive to find the high calorie, preemie-specific formula you need. This 24 calorie Enfamil is available in bulk, which makes it a bit more affordable.

The My Breast Friend feeding pillow is great for so many reasons, but the main reasons are that they stay put because of the velcro belt, and they offer great back support. 

Car seat signs signs like this I'm a Preemie and (my favorite) this Wash your hands before you touch plush sign are really wonderful to keep strangers

These pocket carrying shirts are something I'm curious about - I've never used one, but I hear parents talking about them. They make them in mens and women's styles, and the cool thing is that they look like pretty normal shirts when you're not wearing the baby. But the pocket in front makes the perfect place to slip your little one to you can walk around. If you've used one, would you leave a comment below and let us all know what you think of it?

A couple of good books for preemies are Go Preemies, for the little ones, and Bringing Up Bebe, for parents. I own them both (Thanks Andy for my copy!!) and love them. I particularly love the part in Bringing Up Bebe about talking to babies and children as if they understand what we adults are saying - I absolutely do this with all of my NICU patients. 

Have you heard of Dock-a-Tot? They're all the rage, and with good reason. They're a nice portable sleep station that makes it easy to have your preemie sleeping outside the carseat wherever you go (your physical therapists did mention that it's not ideal for your preemie to stay in the carseat when not driving, right?) Another great place for your preemie to safely spend time at home or when you're out and about is this portable dome that's lightweight and easy to take anywhere (plus, the video on Amazon for this one is so cute!)

Did your NICU have a Mamaroo? These wonder pods of baby bliss have truly revolutionized the world of baby "swings." They have passed what must be the most rigorous test - NICU nurses adore them. Because they work. They calm fussy babies unlike any other swings before them. 

Finally, my little nephew taught me about these cool little silicone portable lights that youngsters love. You can start using them any time - even while your preemie is still in the NICU! It becomes a favorite night light, a sweet way to brighten up the night. Plus, when your sweet little preemie is big enough to be getting up in the night, it's easy to carry wherever they might need to wander.

what do you think?

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