Preemies, Second Edition - A Must-Have Preemie Book {book review}

I'm keeping this short & sweet - 

Preemies is the ultimate textbook for preemie parents.  Really. It is. 

What this book IS:

  • A fantastic resource which covers a broad spectrum of topics that most preemie parents will need to learn about, written in a very comforting and nurturing tone. 

What this book is NOT:

  • This is not a textbook for nurses and doctors 

  • This is not a light and fluffy book that just covers the simple basics
  • This is not a memoir or a personal story about prematurity
  • This is not filled with complex terminology
  • This is not filled with lots of pictures

It is like taking the nicest NICU nurse and the nicest NICU doctor (the ones you love because they explain things clearly without scaring or overwhelming) and putting all of their knowledge into one big book that you can reach for whenever you have a question about your preemie.

Here are the chapters included:

  • Chapter 1 . In the Womb: Why Premature Birth Happens and What Can Be Done to Prevent It
  • Chapter 2. Welcome to the World: Your Baby's Delivery
  • Chapter 3. The First Day
  • Chapter 4. The First Week
  • Chapter 5. Settling Down in the Hospital
  • Chapter 6. If Your Baby Needs Surgery
  • Chapter 7. Finally Taking Your Baby Home
  • Chapter 8. From Preemie to Preschool (And Beyond)
  • Chapter 9. When Parents Have Something Special to Worry About
  • Chapter 10. Losing a Baby
  • Chapter 11. I Was a Preemie, Too

Each chapter also includes a "Parents' Stories" section and a "Doctor's Perspective" section, which add great value to the author's words. 

This book gets a big two thumbs up from me, and from just about every NICU nurse I've ever met. Don't believe us? Here are just a few recommendations from folks who have bought it on Amazon:

This book really helped my husband and I understand all the medical lingo that was thrown our way. Having a baby in the NICU is not easy and not only does it help us to understand what is really going on with our baby (also makes everything sound less scary than it actually is), it helps us to understand the feelings that we're going through and how to cope.I highly recommend this book.



If you are a preemie parent this book is an effective orientation to many of the issues you may face in the NICU. The book is well-organized and well-researched guide to the various medical issues but by far its most important aspect is the fact that the authors are themselves preemie parents. Their description of the emotional aspects of being a preemie parent is spot-on. -



After being hospitalized at 23 weeks gestation for preterm labor and some other complications, this book was referred to me by a friend that uses it as a resource with her job as a Neonatal intensive care unit family support specialist. This literally is the complete "preemies for dummies" guide. Throughout the book, they even place commons questions and answers- which are really helpful considering there are so many questions to ask when one finds out that there baby is at risk for prematurity. It starts with your baby in utero - through your childs first years after the premature birth.