The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Preemie Moms, According to Preemie Moms!

Yesterday I asked Hello Preemie followers on Instagram to share their favorite preemie mom gift ideas, and let me tell you, there were some really awesome ones! Some of them were brands or items I had never even heard of before, so it was quite an education!

The reason I asked them for their help is because I get asked all the time "What makes a great gift for a preemie mom?" I figured, who better to ask than....preemie moms!

I've put all of the expert-recommended items together here into one fun, easy-to-shop list. Please forgive the less-than-beautiful arrangement - I want to get this done and available in time for those of you doing your Mother's Day shopping!

So if you are looking for a Mother's Day gift for a preemie mom, this is for you!

#1. Gifts to Pamper Mom

Mani/Pedi or Massage Vouchers

"A massage voucher or a manicure and pedicure voucher....a little pampering is uplifting !" @coolpreeme

Foot Spa

"This made me feel pampered, and it was such a fun indulgence to use while I was pumping. I felt like a queen instead of a dairy cow!" -anonymous


Hand Cream

Having a preemie means washing hands a gazillion times a day, so you'll be super thoughtful to deliver a gift of hand-pampering creams & lotions.  Just like @my_boys_and_me_ did:  "I bought my friend some posh hand cream to look after herself. "


A Really Nice Water Bottle

Pumping moms & breastfeeding moms have to drink soooo much water! So if the preemie mama in your life doesn't have a kick-ass water bottle, now's the perfect opportunity to give her one. She'll love you for it!



Slippers & a Cozy Blanket

Because they make you feel oh so cozy, and they're wonderful for staying warm when moms are up in the night pumping or feeding babies! 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards consistently rank up there as gifts preemie moms love. Maybe not as fun to open, but easy to deliver and definitely most appreciated!

"Gift cards for restaurants near the hospital and the hospital cafeteria. That was the biggest blessing for us during our 2 months in the NICU because we wanted to be at the hospital all the time, not grocery shopping or cooking at home." @mrscaseyknight

#2. Pumping Help

I was surprised at how many moms recommended gifts to help with pumping. But it makes sense - pumping is a drag, and yet it's one of the most important things a preemie mom does for her baby when she's able. So, for the preemie moms who are pumping breast milk, it can be quite a treat to have some fun, useful gifts to support her pumping routine. 

Hands Free Pumping Bra

"If she doesn't have one already, GET HER ONE! They TRULY are sanity savers!" - Ursula


Specialized Pump Cleaning Soap

"Dapple bottle and pump cleaner ! I had no idea I needed it until another preemie Mom sent it !" @emmakate05


Bottle & Pump Parts Drying Rack


Tote Bag

"We received a Thirty-One lunch bag in the NICU and it makes a great tote for taking pumped breast milk back and forth to the NICU (or daycare/work/anywhere). Also anything that helps with pumping!" @katiecooks8


Bottle & Pump Part Sterilizer

"I already had so many of the baby basics from having 2 other children, but having a preemie meant I needed to be very cautious about germs. This sterilizer was a gift I never would have bought for myself, but I absolutely love it and feel so much more confident that I'm keeping germs at a minimum for my sensitive little preemie!" - Gretchen


#3. Food

Lots of moms recommended food, so you might think about adding a little snack to whatever gift you decide to give. Because hospital food in notoriously bland and a yummy, quick, easy-to-grab treat makes everyone happy. 



Granola Bars


#4. Entertainment


Anything your friend might like! Perhaps something calming like Mindful, something intellectual like The Smithsonian, but probably best to avoid heavy news, as well as typical "baby" magazines of the baby is still in the NICU.



Is your friend a mystery lover or a romance junkie? These kinds of books can be great distractions and a fun way to pass the time. For something really unique and thoughtful, you might select a preemie memoir such as Ready for Air, Preemie, Half-Baked or Anchored. I recommend all four of them!


Why is a journal handy? Read The Power of Writing - How to Start a Journal for Your Preemie Journey to learn more.

#5. NICU-Specific Gifts

If the baby is still in the NICU, it's an awesome idea to give mom a gift that is perfect for that part of her journey. A journal for writing in that is specifically designed for the NICU, or Milestone Cards to help celebrate the important acheivements are really heartwarming and thoughtful. 

"Nicu journals or nicu milestone cards! ❤️❤️❤️" @ittybittyisabella


#6. Gifts for Baby


"A Snugglebundl. We weren’t sold on it immediately but as soon as babe came home from hospital, it was a LIFE SAVER! We got like 6 months of use out of it while full term babes likely only use it for one or two. Our friend who gave it to us said her preemie Mum pal recommended it!" @vee.eff.bee


NICU outfits for micropreemies

A note about baby clothes: The most important think to keep in mind is to know the actual size the baby can use right now.  Giving a preemie mom an outfit for her baby that is much too big can actually be super depressing - a reminder that her baby is not as big & healthy as she'd like. So see if you can find out the baby's current weight and use that as your guide when buying any baby clothes. 

But don't let size stop you! Both Jacqui's Preemie Pride and Perfectly Preemie both carry NICU-approved outfits for the tiniest of micropreemies. So if the baby is extra small, there's a good chance mom will absolutely adore getting a special outfit made just the right size. 


Sleeper Gowns in Preemie Size


Sleep Sacks


#7. Gifts of Time, Help & Love

The gifts money can't buy

  • "For something that doesn’t cost anything, inspiring scripture printables from Pinterest or google printed out to hang on the isolette or in baby’s nicu room. Also our pastor’s son colored us some pictures that we hung in her room that were really special and made her room feel cozy!" @mrscaseyknight
  • "Right now, I could really use some help more than things. I would love if someone took my car for a 'spa' day (wash and vacuum - bonus for filling the tank). Same thoughts if someone could wash my bed sheets... Also, FOOD - freezer meals that we can easily heat up later, cooked meals so that my husband is fed real food now... even just a Starbucks or some Cafe Yumm delivered to the hospital so that I can get a break from the ever stellar food here." @jennikistler
  • "Childcare for my other child, prayers and gift cards!" @j.renee89
  • "Artwork drawn by my nieces and nephews to decorate the walls of the NICU brought me more smiles than any of the gifts people bought. Of course, the care packages were extremely nice too! But the thoughtful gifts were really important to me." - Carmen

What else would you add?