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20 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following If You Have A Preemie

Instagram is my new favorite social media! Why? Because it's so much about the photos, and how can you not love all of those adorable preemies?

Through Instagram feeds, we get to welcome brand new preemies to the world, support their parents, watch them grow, and see them thrive in the months and years after their NICU days are behind them. 

These are my...

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Every Tiny Thing - A Special NICU Store {review}

I've been a NICU nurse for 20 years now, and over the years, every day when I'd get home from work, I'd go online to look up answers to common NICU parent concerns. I'd dream up fun and simple ways to bring parents a little joy. About 4 years ago I started taking the ideas in my head and making them into a reality. 

It all began with the idea of bringing art to the baby's NICU bedside. I wanted NICU parents to...

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