{discussion} What are the most annoying things people said about you having a preemie?

angry preemie baby

Oh, the things people say. 

Some people mean well, others just don't seem to have a clue. When it comes to people who don't know preemies, boy they can sure say some of the worst things. 

Almost every preemie parent hears, at one time or another, some of the stupidest / rudest / most insensitive things from people!

I've heard of some pretty awful things said by some well-meaning people who just don't know better.  I've also heard some beautiful things said as well. (Most people really are wonderfully supportive and loving)

But I'm sure I haven't heard it all  - now's your chance to share with us:

What were the worst things people said to you about your preemie or about you having a preemie?

What do you wish you had said in response?

Let's remember the discussion rules - even though we're venting about the stupid things people say, let's keep our replies & discussion positive & supportive