{discussion} What were the craziest emotions you dealt with during your preemie's NICU days?

what emotions did you have during the nicu with your preemie

I've worked with preemie parents for 20 years, so I've seen a lot.  I'm rarely surprised by the emotions that parents have. 

But many parents are surprised by the enormous emotional overwhelm. Some parents are embarrassed by or ashamed of the emotions that they feel. And that totally sucks, right? I mean, how unfair is it that parents take an overwhelmingly difficult experience and then make it worse by beating themselves up for being human?

As a nurse I've also noticed how often parents try to stifle and hide their emotions, saving their tears for outside the NICU doors. 

My hope is that y'all will chime in here with your experiences so the whole preemie community knows just how wild and unpredictable the emotions can be, as well as your positive & supportive ideas for best handling them.


comment below with the craziest emotions you had & how you handled them


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