Preemie Parents - A Cheerleader in your Pocket {book review}

A Preemie Book that's perfect for your NICU Days

Preemie parents get screwed, if I may be blunt. But it's true, right? 

You know, you:

  • Didn't get to hold your baby right away
  • Didn't get to take your baby home right away
  • Had to worry about terrifying things like what that ringing alarm means, or whether your baby will survive through the night
  • and so much more....

But something many folks don't recognize is that preemie parents also miss out on one of the most wonderful parts of having a new baby - connecting with friends who understand. 

Most expecting mothers look forward to the day when they can talk with their friends who have had babies and ask questions like "how do you burp him?" or "why does he poop so much?"

No expecting parents dream of asking their friends "how do I bond with my baby when I have to leave her every day in the hospital?" or "am I the only one who feels completely incompetent at changing a diaper through the portholes of an isolette?"

New NICU parents have those questions and often nobody to ask. 

This is where one of my favorite preemie books - Preemie Parents - comes in. This little gem is easy to read, super informative and chock full of great advice you'd expect to get from your girlfriends. 

It's divided into 26 chapters - one for each letter of the alphabet - and each chapter devotes just a few easy-to-read pages to the topic of the chapter.

Chapters include:

  • Advocate
  • Be Present
  • Calendars
  • Doctors, Residents, Nurses
  • Educate Yourself
  • Family-- Best Intentions But...
  • Gratitude: Spread It Thick and Often
  • Humor
  • Take Care of "I"
  • The Journey
  • Kangaroo Care is Critical Care
  • Listen to your Instincts
  • Money Is an Object
  • Negativity is Contagious
  • Observation and Self-Awareness
  • Personalization: Own the Experience
  • Queen
  • Release: Letting It All Go
  • Strength
  • Trust the Power of Nature
  • Understanding Intendion
  • Victories
  • World: Yours Redefined
  • eXamine Your Priorities
  • Don't Ask "Why" Unless You're Advocating
  • Zero In: Focus

So you can see, it's not a textbook of prematurity, but rather an empowering boost of positivity and ideas that can only come from someone who knows - a preemie parent herself. 

The author's style is fun and filled with humor, a little spirituality, and a lot of great little tips that might make a huge difference in your NICU experience.  So if you're looking for some words of wisdom and encouragement from one preemie parent to another, pick up Preemie Parents. I think you'll be glad to have this friend by your side. 

One more thing

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