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The Importance of Talking to your Preemie

I picked up a well worn copy of the book "Bringing Up Bebe" at the store the other day, remembering that I had enjoyed listening to the author speak on the radio not long ago.  I was curious to read more of what this American mother learned from raising a child among French culture.  

Perusing the pages, I landed on the part about talking with babies, and I was captivated...

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How Can Mindfulness Help When You Have a Preemie?

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, gathering attention far and wide.  Big businesses such as Google recognize the value of mindfulness training, people of all faiths and walks of life are incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives as a way to find balance, to regain some calm, and lighten their load.


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The Power of Writing - How to Start a Journal for Your Preemie Journey

Want to know one of the most powerful weapons a super-preemie-mom has in her possession? 

A journal!

It's where she:

  • lets out all her overwhelming and burdensome emotions
  • figures out what she needs to do
  • tracks every bit of data she needs about her baby's every single thing
  • has all of her questions and all of the answers packed into one space
  • celebrates her strengths and the progress she & her baby are making

A journal truly is...

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20 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following If You Have A Preemie

Instagram is my new favorite social media! Why? Because it's so much about the photos, and how can you not love all of those adorable preemies?

Through Instagram feeds, we get to welcome brand new preemies to the world, support their parents, watch them grow, and see them thrive in the months and years after their NICU days are behind them. 

These are my...

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