Welcome to the rules about commenting here on hello preemie


I want this to be simple and clear:

Hello Preemie is a positive place

I'm delighted to have you join the conversation with your successes, your wisdom, your humor and your positivity. This is meant to be a comforting space for inspiring one another, without dwelling on negativity.

I personally find too many online group comment spaces to be annoying, even upsetting, because of the way comments get so nasty. But since this is my baby and I get to control what vibe we create here, I am committed to making this space a wonderful, supportive, caring and nurturing place. If you don't care to contribute to that vibe, please find another space to meet your needs. 

Comments that I or the Hello Preemie team find negative will be removed without warning, and repeat offenders will be blocked from commenting.

I won't tolerate rudeness, name-calling, or shaming of any kind

If you don't like this, please find another space for sharing your comments. There are plenty of facebook groups or forums that aren't moderated as tightly as hello preemie, and those may better fit your needs. 


You can help moderate

If you spot any comments you find upsetting or annoying to the hello preemie vibe, please contact us and let us know. If you feel your comments have been removed unfairly, please contact us and share your thoughts. 

Thank you - i hope hello preemie is the space where you feel empowered, hopeful, inspired and appreciated!